Transactional SMS

With improvement in technology and telecom services new and better means of marketing have been created. Marketing and advertising companies are using Bulk SMS as a popular platform for gaining access and connecting to customers. There are ample of services as well as style and campaigns created for different customer base to suit to their requirement. Now one may choose any Transactional Bulk SMS service provider according to his business budget, need and connection. A majority of these players would also run a trial campaign for you to show the effectiveness of the services.

Transactional SMS is sent to pass on important information required by customer to use a service or may be product. It may be prior or even after using a service that this SMS can be sent. The best and most popular example of this service is when we recharge our phones or when we use our Bank ATM services we instantly get an alert or a messages with the relevant information.

We offer Transactional Bulk SMS service and transactional SMS support services to our clients with minimum or no scope of any error. We ensure and always practice our business operations in adherence to TRAI guidelines and offer the safest and secured gateways to our clients for smooth and hassle-free operations. Our technical team is an expert with such services and we integrate your services with this application and make it automated for an instant and effective client-customer interaction. Our team of experts is always keen to lend a supporting hand at any need.